Mikasa's room, from the manga, has come to VR Chat!
Here you can not only meet Mikasa, but also read newly released episodes of the manga.
MikaMika Room
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What's MikaMika Room?

Mikasa is a popular character from the group Hop Step Sing! Now you can hang out in her room from your own VR headset or PC! A must-see for Hop Step Sing! Fans, soon-to-be-fans, or anyone else who enjoys VR!
This is what it's like

What's VR Chat?

VR Chat is a type of social platform in virtual reality.
You can access it from your PC, or with your PC and a VR headset. After creating an account, and selecting an avatar (the character which will represent you in VR), you can enter the VR Chat world and interact with other people.

Setting Up

Right, let's get started!

Step1Create a VR Chat account

If you already have a Steam account, you can log in using this
[1] Go to the official VR Chat website. Official VR Chat website

Click on the Login button in the upper right.

[3] Log in to VR Chat.

Click the Login button once more from the upper right corner of the VR Chat homepage.
If you were able to log in successfully, a page similar to the one shown below will appear. If your personal account page appears here, account registration is complete.

Step2Install the VR Chat

Next, install the VR Chat application.

Click Download from the menu bar on the left side.

Download page A page as shown below will appear. There is a Steam client and an Oculus client; click one of these to proceed.

* You can also jump directly to the VR Chat page from the below links
Steam Oculus Once you have installed either the Steam or Oculus client application, you can now download VR Chat. Once the VR Chat application has been downloaded, follow the instructions to install.

Step3Go to MikaMika Room

Now we're finally ready to head into MikaMika Room!
Method [1]: Click the MikaMika Room link that has been provided

This is the easiest method. Click the link below:
Go to MikaMika Room Launch VR Chat from the Launch button on the right side. From here you can go to MikaMika Room.

Method [2]: Search Worlds

Search from the Web

Go to your VR Chat personal page.
VR Chat personal page.
Click Worlds from the menu bar on the left side.
In the search field with the magnifying glass, enter "Mika Mika Room" and search.
MikaMika Room should appear as a search result; click on this.

Search inside VR Chat

Use your controller to open the menu.
* Refer to the official tutorial for how to use controllers.
Select the Worlds button in the upper left corner.
In the upper right corner you will find the Search field with the magnifying glass icon; enter "Mika Mika Room" here and search.
MikaMika Room should appear as a search result; click on this.

Reading Manga

Once you're in MikaMika Room, please check out the latest episode of the manga from Comic DAYS! You can read it from the tablets on the table in the room.

How to Use the tablets

Step1Find the tablets

There are two tables, one is a shape of a rabbit and the other is a shape of monster. You can read the comics with these two tables.

Note: Each tablet is in a different language!
Blue tablet with bunny ears: Japanese Purple tablet with big teeth: English

Step2Pick up the tablet

Point your hand at the tablet you want to pick up; the edge of the tablet will become highlighted.
With the tablet highlighted, pull the trigger located near your index finger on the controller to pick it up.
You can hold the tablet. At the same time,comics is shown on the display.

Step3Turn the pages

You can turn over the pages by selecting the arrows shown on both sides of the tablet.
※It may take some time to turn over the pages for the first time after entering into the room.

The way the pages should be turned depends on the language! On desktop, use the left and right arrow keys to turn pages.


If you are not able to play the videos within Mika Mika Room, it is due to a known bug from VRChat client, where a component in charge of downloading the video is not updated. It is important that you and the people who joins into the instance of the room have this update for correct playback. To solve this, you can download the file youtube-dl.exe from here.

Once downloaded, please replace it within your Steam library folder, for example:
[Steam Library Path] \steamapps\common\VRChat\VRChat_Data\StreamingAssets

This fix is required from time to time, as updates from VRChat and YouTube certificates happen in different moments. Please enjoy Mika Mika Room!

MikaMika’s Room: Notice to Users

MikaMika’s Room is a free space where everyone is welcome and anyone can come to enjoy themselves. With that in mind, we would ask that you observe the following:

We’ve made sure there is room to move around and that there are plenty of things to interact with. So please make sure your play area in real life is clear of hazards too! We cannot be held accountable if you get too engrossed in Mikasa and trip over something and hurt yourself!
If you meet another player in the room, be nice! Neither Mikasa nor ourselves are responsible for any disagreements and will not be able to mediate any disputes between users.
If you notice any bugs while playing, please let us know at the official Hop Step Sing! Twitter account! Mikasa will be grateful, and we’ll do our best to fix it.
The content in MikaMika’s room may be changed at any time without notice, and may be closed temporarily (or even permanently!) at any time depending on Mikasa’s mood.