We will introduce the VR contents that make you able to see Nina, Shkiri and Mikasa in person. Why don’t you play with them who loves to sing, dance and talk. Depending on your VR device (goggles, PC, mobile phones etc…), you have various way to play. Let’s choice your favorite contents from below!


For the people who have goggles of VIVE, Oculus and Rift, there is the best content of “Hop Step Sing!”. You can share the time to spend going to sea, working at the factory and high touch. Please enjoy the music that you can choose from HP of Steam which you can access with click on an icon on the right.

Mika Mika Room

We invite you to “Mika Mika Room”, the remodeled Karaoke room by Mikasa, which is familiar to us from manga! You can enjoy reading latest “Hop Step Sing!” story, watching music videos and joining the seasonal event. You can of course meet Mikasa, even Nina and Shikiri…!?

How to access MikaMikaRoom


“Hopunama”, the live variety show which Nina, Shikiri and Mikasa perform on. Please check it out, our irregular live show. You can see the latest show from the Youtube link on the right.


They have already made their CD debut ! You definitely have to check lovely album art on the CD sleeves and coupling track you can’t listen to from VR!

BomBom TV

You can also enjoy it from “BomBom TV” on your mobile phone. You can even see the music videos from 360 angle which is uploaded on Steaml.