Kappei Yamaguchi will make a guest appearance in the VR live 2023.


「Hop Step Sing!」のVRライブ2023「ほぷサマ3rd」に、HSSの宿敵「魔王」役として、山口勝平さんがゲスト出演することが決定しました!


参加する皆さんもHSSの3人とともに、呪われた村を救う旅に出る冒険ミュージカルです。山口勝平さんはそんな冒険ストーリーに             欠かせない最強の敵「魔王」を演じます。





Kappei Yamaguchi will make a guest appearance as HSS's enemy "Demon King" in the VR live 2023 Hop Summer 3rd of the popular virtual idol group Hop Step Sing!

This VR live is not just about enjoying the idols' live stage.

It is also an adventure musical in which everyone who participates goes on a journey to save a cursed village together with the three members of HSS. Kappei Yamaguchi will play the role of the "Demon King," the most powerful enemy essential to the adventure story.

The story begins with the summoning of the "HSS Circus Troupe," the saviors, to save the cursed village. Players then take on the role of villagers fighting to take back their cursed village. As the story unfolds through song and dance, players can control their avatars to fight to lift the curse, send energy to encourage the three HSS members, and enjoy the story as if they were the main characters in the game. The climax of the story will be a showdown with the Demon King, played by Mr. Yamaguchi.

This is a participatory VR adventure music theater full of elements that can be enjoyed not only by fans of Hop Step Sing!

Tickets are now on sale! For more information and schedule, please check the official website.