“Hop Step Sing!”,long-awaited comical start!


仁衣菜、識理、みかさの3人の物語が、ついに漫画に! アプリ「コミックDAYS」で連載がスタートします!!

初回は大増32ページ、7月11日㈭公開です。ストーリーを小玉励氏、漫画を明日部結衣氏が担当。VRというキーワードのもと、新たに紡がれる『Hop Step Sing!』に、どうぞご期待ください!


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Finally, the story of Niina,shikiri and mikasa, is turned into a manga!
The first episode is 32 pages more than usual, and will be published on july 11.
Rei Kodama will be in charge of the script, and Yui Asube will be in charge of manga.
Please look forward to the story that is newly spun under the keyword of VR.


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